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Partnership with Vitaccess to collect COA data using BYOD technology

Vitaccess, led by Dr Mark Larkin, has developed a BYOD (bring your own  device) platform to capture real-world data, informed by substantial expertise in observational studies to support HTA and market access. Chilli is working in close partnership with Vitaccess to collect COA data in a flexible and patient-focused way using this BYOD platform.

"We have harnessed digital technology to create a powerful real-world evidence platform to quantify patients’ experience of illnesses and treatments."
Dr. Mark Larkin

As an example of this partnership, we have developed data collection and statistical analysis strategies for a study using the BYOD to collect realworld data using the BYOD platform from patients living melanoma. 

The study has been developed jointly with the leading patient advocacy group Melanoma UK and sponsored by the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust (London). Annabel Nixon from Chilli led a patient focus event at the Royal Marsden that contributed to collaborative development for the melanoma project. The observational data generated using the platform will provide real-time insight into the evolving treatment of melanoma.

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