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Launch of New Streamlined Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) Development Services

Chilli Consultancy has teamed up with eClinicalHealth to launch two new services for electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessment (eCOA). Jointly, we are meeting an industry-wide need to deliver faster COA validation studies, at a lower cost than traditional approaches, while staying focused on maintaining scientific rigor.

As you may know, Clinical Outcomes Assessment (COA) instruments are developed following a rigorous process. First, in a qualitative research stage, patients’ perspectives are harnessed to ensure that COA instruments reflect concepts that are relevant and important to patients with the disease of interest. In the second stage, the psychometric properties of the COA questions and response options are evaluated for validity, reliability and sensitivity to change, in a study that can sometimes involve hundreds of patients with the disease of interest. Chilli Consultancy and eClinicalHealth agree that studies to evaluate the psychometric properties of COA instruments are ideal candidates to benefit from eClinicalHealth’s Clinpal™ driven direct-to-patient research models.

Services offered in partnership with eClinicalHealth:

eValidatePROSM combines the technology and expertise of the Clinpal team with our statistical and outcomes research capabilities. eValidatePRO allows validation studies to be conducted using a streamlined process that enables faster study conduct at a lower cost, while maintaining scientific rigor. iUsabilitySM, an integrated usability optimization and testing service migrates paper COA instruments to electronic formats and supports other patient-facing clinical trial solutions.

These services ensure that solutions planned for deployment in trials are optimized in terms of usability and helps study teams gain important insights about solution acceptance from the different stakeholders. This collaboration between the Clinpal™ Team and Chilli Consultancy uniquely combines technology and patient-centric design expertise with scientific and statistical services to ensure the usability and scientific validity of clinical trial assessments.

"The forward-thinking specialists from Chilli Consultancy are the ideal partner and we have been able to fine-tune our joint approach for conducting usability testing and validation studies that will help the industry move forward with innovative patient-centric trial methods"

Kai Langel, Co-Founder & Director, Technology and Patient Solutions.

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